get to know lsl!

Hello, and welcome! My name is Taylor. I am the owner here at Lonestar Lops Rabbitry! I opened this LLC in March, 2019. Although we are fairly new, my love for Hollands is not. For as long as I can remember, I have always had a passion for all animals. As a little girl, I always wanted to "save" every living thing. As I got older, my passion only grew stronger. As a single mom who also works full time in Oil & Gas, I decided to make my dream a reality after the purchase of my first home in 2018. My daughter and I fell in love with our first Holland Lop in 2014. Unfortunately, the passing of our little doe at only two years old, also became a tough life lesson for us on the monumental impact a life endures due to poor breeding. So, this is my journey. I have an open book mindset. Honesty and integrity is how I choose to run my business. Everyday I am learning and  growing while creating and caring for little lives. And loving every second of it. I moved here from California in 2005, so I consider Texas my home! Between my daughter and our two awesome rescue dogs, we are lucky enough to be able to raise all of our bunnies in a social environment very early in life.